We are starting our seventh year of Flatirons Math Olympiads as an after-school, once-a-week program.  Math Olympiads is an international professional organization for elementary and middle school students participating in 5 contests given from November through March.  Schools around our district and around the world participate.  Their program goals, as taken from their website, are designed:

• To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics
• To introduce important Mathematical concepts
• To teach major strategies for problem solving
• To develop Mathematical flexibility in solving problems
• To strengthen Mathematical intuition
• To foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity
• To provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges

It is a fun, creative, challenging way to approach math that can be truly rewarding.  We've attached some examples of the mind-stretching problems our students will be working on when they join Math Olympiads.  The problems are more complex and layered than what they may encounter in class.  You can also learn more about the program at their website, http://www.moems.org.

Most meetings we will have weekly one hour group practices with lessons and games.  The monthly "contest" that is given to students across the country in grades 4-6 will be given during our meeting time and these contests must be done individually.

Please share this opportunity with your student and encourage them to sign up and join us if they are interested.  We will have fun and they will earn a great sense of accomplishment and pride as they are able to use different strategies to tackle problems.

We are able to take a maximum of 16 students to give each the attention they will need and do the activities we would like to do.  Please contact Maureen McKenzie soon if you would like to participate.