Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

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    2019-2020 Upcoming PTO Meeting Schedule:
    September 4, 2019, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm  - 1st PTO Meeting of 2019-2020 School Year
    October 2, 2019
    November 6, 2019
    No December PTO Meeting
    January 15, 2020
    February 5, 2020
    April 15, 2020
    May 6, 2020
    PTO Meetings are on Wednesdays from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm in the Flatirons Library. 
    Childcare provided with pizza for everyone also provided!
    This is YOUR parent organization and ALL Flatirons parents/guardians are invited to participate and attend PTO Meetings.  While a key role of the PTO is to raise funds to support our kids' education and school community, there are many opportunities for parents to be involved, besides the fundraising effort itself.  We coordinate volunteer activities and events, provide a forum for communication between parents and staff, and serve as a parent-based liaison between our school and the District.
    Flatirons PTO Financial Request Policy and Procedures
    This policy is intended to give a clear method and timeline to monies requested of the PTO by teachers, groups, individuals, staff and administrators.  Want to get involved in the PTO and be a part of the behind-the-scenes event planning, activities & financial decisions that affect every student at Flatirons?  Please fill out the PTO Volunteer Form and turn it in at the front office and we will get you connected to programs/committees that most interest you!  Please email Eric Neal or Kelley Boyd at with any questions/concerns.
    PTO Volunteer Sign Up Form
    collapse Title : PTO Co-Chairs ‎(1)
    Eric Neal
    Kelley Boyd
    collapse Title : PTO Secretary ‎(1)
    Jennifer Beamer
    collapse Title : PTO Treasurer ‎(1)
    John Reynolds

    If you would like to contact any of the PTO Committee Members below, please refer to our student directory 

    collapse Committee : Annual Giving ‎(1)
    Scott Thomas
    collapse Committee : Assemblies  ‎(1)
    Laura Marriott
    Rob Carson
    collapse Committee : Chess Club ‎(1)
    Kerri Somers
    Scott Thomas
    collapse Committee : Creating Community ‎(1)
    Kelley Boyd
    collapse Committee : CU Football Fundraiser ‎(1)
    Breeze Dake
    collapse Committee : DAC Representative (District Accountability Committee) ‎(1)
    Erica Plut
    collapse Committee : Directory  ‎(1)
    Diane Nickerson
    collapse Committee : DPC Representative (District Parent Council) ‎(1)
    Bob Kanick
    collapse Committee : Feed The Teachers ‎(1)
    Katharine Hauge
    collapse Committee : Fundraising Dinners ‎(1)
    collapse Committee : Garden to Table  ‎(1)
    Heidi Swain
    collapse Committee : Impact on Education Basket  ‎(1)
    collapse Committee : Lost and Found ‎(1)
    Kathrin Neal
    collapse Committee : Math Olympiads ‎(1)
    collapse Committee : Milk Caps for Moola ‎(1)
    Kathrine Hauge
    collapse Committee : New Family Committee ‎(1)
    Maggie Gottlieb
    collapse Committee : Open Enrollment Tours ‎(1)
    Scott Thomas
    collapse Committee : Party Fundraiser ‎(1)
    On Hold

    collapse Committee : Payback Books ‎(1)
    On Hold
    collapse Committee : PTO Childcare ‎(1)
    collapse Committee : Running Club/Pebble Pebble ‎(1)
    Elizabeth Parr
    Amy Iacopi
    collapse Committee : SAC Representative (School Accountability Committee) ‎(1)
    Bob Kanick
    collapse Committee : Shopping Card Program ‎(1)
    collapse Committee : Spirit Wear ‎(1)
    Shayna Larsen
    collapse Committee : Staff Appreciation ‎(1)
    collapse Committee : Talent Show ‎(1)
    Sarah Cottingham
    Meg Erickson
    collapse Committee : Trip Tracker ‎(1)
    Allison Schwartz
    collapse Committee : Walk and Roll ‎(1)
    collapse Committee : Workroom and Bulletin Board Coordinator ‎(1)
    Heidi Swain
    collapse Committee : Yearbook  ‎(1)
    Heather Perrin
    Kara Mia Collier-Ibanez

     What is PTO?

    What is the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)?
    The Flatirons PTO is dedicated to supporting our school community and the education of our students in a number of ways. While a key role of the PTO is to raise funds to support this effort, there are many opportunities for parents to be involved, besides the fundraising effort itself.  Much of our fundraising effort is sent directly to the classroom and for school-day extracurricular activities: for example, we fund teacher classroom support, exciting and inspiring school assemblies, and field trips as well as support other requests made by the staff to help them provide an ultimate learning experience for our children.  In addition we coordinate many volunteer activities and events, provide a forum for communication between parents and staff, and serve as a parent-based liaison between our school and the District.  The Flatirons PTO meets monthly during the school year to review events and activities, make budget decisions and share in the success of our fabulous elementary school.
    PTO Meeting Schedule
    PTO usually meets once a month at 6:00 p.m. in the library. Childcare and food is provided for the children. This is free of charge.  Our meetings are open to all parents of the school for one, a few or all of our meetings. In addition to our parents, our meetings are also attended by many staff members and our principal, Scott Boesel.  We think that you will find the meetings to be informative, fun, and a good way to find out how you might like to support our Flatirons community.  A Special welcome to Kindergartens parents and those new to our school--Many of you think that PTO is already established and not something you can contribute to. In fact, you are our future….the earlier you get involved the earlier you can help shape your children’s education and your community at our wonderful school…please come and get involved!

    How can you get involved?
    There are countless ways to be involved with PTO. We have many volunteer options open for the next year, and unfilled positions on committees. We welcome you to come to our next meeting, browse our volunteer page or contact one of the people below.
    ​PTO Members and Officers
    All Flatirons parents and staff are automatically members of PTO.   However, as we are a registered non-profit, interested Flatirons parents are elected as officers every year, usually at the final PTO meeting of each school year.   Please contact any one of the PTO Officers them for any further questions you may have or to register your interest to be involved.