Kindergarten Enrichment

    ​​​Boulder Valley Schools offer a half-day optional, fee-based childcare program in addition to the half-day kindergarten program. Kindergarten Enrichment is available for kindergartners needing care for the rest of the school day. Kindergarten Enrichment complements the school programs and is consistent with the guidelines of a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Kindergarten Enrichment includes a balance of activities as well as structured and unstructured projects. Children experience literature, dramatic play, the visual arts, music, large and small motor games and the support to practice social skills. Qualified staff provide a child-centered early childhood program with a 1-to-15 teacher/child ratio.  
    Kindergarten Enrichment provides full time (five half days per week) and limited part time care opposite the kindergarten portion of the school day depending on the options available at individual schools. Lunch may be purchased through the school lunch program or brought from home. Check with the school to determine the options.  For more information see the BVSD Kindergarten Enrichment website.


    ​Weekly themes blend age appropriate academics with creative play that support the Kindergarten curriculum.  Guest speakers, science experiments, great literature, the support of social/life skills and more all combine to offer a hands-on and creative learning experience.



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