Dear Flatirons Families,

I am excited to announce a new sports program at Flatirons Elementary. Flatirons has been lucky enough to receive 30 pairs of cross country skis, thanks to a grant from the Share Winter Foundation, and support from Boulder Nordic Club and Boulder Nordic Junior Racing Team. Skiing has always been a passion of mine. I ski raced competitively growing up, coached for Eldora Mountain Ski Club for 8 years, and continue to enjoy skiing as my favorite sport. For years I have wanted to incorporate a ski unit at Flatirons Elementary, and look forward to finally doing so.

First, second, and third graders will participate in a 6 lesson ski unit on the lower field. We will focus on skills such as stopping, gliding, hill climbing, and descending. Here are a few pictures from last year when we "piloted" the program. Keep your fingers crossed for a snowy winter in Boulder!

*Volunteer Opportunity: When we get into February and March dates will be set for the ski unit (based on when there is enough snow).  Parent volunteers will be needed at the beginning of each P.E. class to help students put their skies on. Check for the 23/24 schedule of ski days.  They will be posted when the weather changes.

 Loren Tillotson Duggan

Physical Education
Flatirons Elementary School