Math Olympiads

    Contact Information

    ​Kirsten Soledade  760-274-4076

    Meeting Information

    ​Thursdays: October 20, 2016 through March 9, 2017 2:50 - 3:50 in the Computer Lab
    We will soon be starting our third (!) year of Math Olympiads as an after school, once a week program.  Math Olympiads is an international professional organization for elementary and middle school students.  Schools around our district and around the world participate.  Their program, based on their website, is designed:
    • To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics
    • To introduce important Mathematical concepts
    • To teach major strategies for problem solving
    • To develop Mathematical flexibility in solving problems
    • To strengthen Mathematical intuition
    • To foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity
    • To provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges
    It is a fun, creative, challenging way to approach math that can be truly rewarding.  See attachments below for some examples of the mind-stretching problems our students learn to work on when they join Math Olympiads.  The problems are more complex and layers than what they may encounter in class.  You can also learn more about the program at their website,
    We have weekly one hour practices with lessons and games followed by a monthly “contest” that is given to students across the country in grades 4-6.  

    We will have fun and they will earn a great sense of accomplishment and pride when they become Olympiads!

    We will be able to take a maximum of 16 students to give each the attention they will need and do the activities we would like to do, so please contact me to sign up soon if you would like to participate. 
    Cost: $20 per student (to cover team registration and materials)